Stop procrastinating on hiring help because you are not sure about the process and stop wasting money on the wrong people, on people who cause more headaches

Instead, follow my step-by-step freelancer hiring process I use as a

VA-MatchMaker to make sure

  • - you not just know where to get started when it comes to hiring

  • - what you need to pay attention to

  • ​- how to sort through the crowd

  • ​but also feel confident about your choice



  • Juggling with all the nitty-gritty tasks
  • Feeling overwhelmed and overworked
  • ​Despite following all the latest and greatest tech, platforms, tricks promising automation and smooth business processes, still not having the Lifestyle Business You signed up for?

Now you’re looking for a better way to run your business, outsource tasks, find a virtual assistant you can trust?

You want to find a confident, trustworthy
virtual assistant so…

You thought about asking friends, family or in facebook groups, maybe they can recommend someone...

👉 BUT  it's just not a good fit, your work-ethic, style of work doesn't match and have some different skills you would need, different platforms you need experience with. Someone who knows what you are talking about, knows your industry and niche better.

That’s why you considered automating certain  processes, certain areas of your business,

👉 BUT   you still have a learning curve, need to feed these systems and often maintain them until a certain level.

So you are just not better off with juggling all of those.

Not to mention the additional cost and effort that comes with those platforms too.

Or you already maybe even hired someone in the past but didn't work out as you wished...

👉 AND you are worried if is this ever gona work out? Maybe you have too much to learn and organize, which seems to be ahuge task right now.

👉 BUT you still wish there would be an easy way to pass some tasks over to a competetnt person who can help with the everyday tasks

You even thought about just staying where you are at right now and  sticking to this level of success...

👉 BUT you know that you have so much to offer to your clients. Finally you figured how to attract clients, how to deliver amazing results... no way that you want to stop here just because it got busy... there must be a better way to find a perfect, competent, trustworthy Virtual Assistant.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could stop the struggle finally,
stop juggling and find an amazing virtual assistant with ease and grace,
who is a great fit not just as a professional
but also on a personal level?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

This is what other busy-business owners say about my hiring process

and the virtual assistants we matched them with.

I’ll be honest with you, getting to this point was a process in itself


We had on average 400ish clients and in my marketing vertical at least 100 businesses with different tasks, needs, different industries and different systems.

As you can imagine it was sometimes really challenging to manage all expectations, professional and personal needs. When it came to issues, delays, unhappy clients I stood between the assistants and the business owners and tried to make everyone happy. 🙅‍♀️

👉 What I noticed was that I see patterns why certain tasks, projects, collaborations didn't work out as expected. 🎉


😔 We ended up with clients, who didn't wanted to work with certain VAs  anymore
😔 Needed to let go some assistants because they weren't open to change the way they communicate or manage tasks
😔We ended up losing clients because of these issues,

which basically have been there in the first place because



❌Couldn't hire and train new VAs quick enough❌

❌ We were losing revenue because clients left ❌

❌ and because we had extra cost for the management dealing with issues, refunds❌

❌ and billed hours for the VAs... ❌

😭 It was a mess😭


After that we were able to create client management processes which helped the whole team and each individual to work together more efficiently 🙏

These are the patterns, personality treats, prequalifying tasks that I combine in my hiring process today to make sure that the business owner and the virtual assistant match not only on professional level but also on personality level too.

And that's when it hit me!

There is nothing wrong with the VAs, nor the Business owners!

The key of working together prefectly will be determined by


We just need to work on

  • Setting expectations properly on both ends
  • ​We just need to determine the correct ways of communication for each client
  • We just need to determine the way the client like to work from scratch
  • We changed the way we outlay the tasks, so no matter who picks it up, they know what to do, how to manage the client and what type communication is the best

And implementing all these is, how I get results like these for my MatchMaking clients

The best thing? 

This saved me / company so much time , energy and headache!

And what's even better is, that when

I started as an OBM hiring for my clients,



All it takes are


To Find & Onboard Your Amazing VA in 3 Weeks


Know what you need and who you are looking for


Find & Filter through suitable candidates


Onboard Your Amazing VA you can grow exponentially with

Can this really work? You bet!


I added 🤩 all I have, all the years and years of experience

to make your hiring a breeze! 🙌

The Ultimate Hiring Process in a Box AgnesB VA MatchMaker

Welcome to...


The only plug&play resource you ever need to find and onboard an amazing, best suitable freelancer or virtual assistance with ease and grace for your business!

Phase 1

Know what you need and
who you are looking for

What you'll learn:

Lesson 1: Screen your biz - what Do I need Exactly  that we know exactly what you can, could, want, should outsource and what are the things we don't want / can't /  shouldn't

Lesson 2:  Profiling your future va - who am I looking for

... using my exact profiling sheet and workbook we can identify easily what are the personality and professional treats you are looking for in a VA to make sure you are good match in all levels.

Lesson 3: Let's Put it all together in a perfect job Description

... so that only the best candidates land in your inbox and you can easily compare your candidates. We filter through most of the un-suitable candidates by prepping the questioner and the job description with my hidden little secret tests.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

👉 Business Summary Checklist to filter through what you need help with
👉 Budgeting Sheet - Hire for a sustainable business
👉 Profiling Sheet so we know exactly who your are looking for
👉 Perfect Job Description Template to skyrocket your process
👉 Questioner Form to copy, so you can compare candidates easil

Phase 2

Find & Filter through your

suitable candidate

What you'll learn:

Lesson 1: The secrets of jobopp posting

.... using my secret methods and grouping sheet to know where to post and how to prepare yourself to the amount and quality of the engagement.

Lesson 2:  Find your treasure in the mess

.... so that you don't get overwhelmed with all those comments and know how to sort through the CVs the best and quickest possible way to find your treasure!

Lesson 3: Meet your candidates - interviewing secrets

.....using a step-by-step checklist to ensure you get the most out of the time together, you start the relationship from the best possible angle and to see who is really your true soulmate VA with whom you can exponentially groups your business.

What you'll get to get this done faster:

👉 Grouping-Sheet with places where you can post your job posts
👉 My exact method how I sort through the CVs and comments effectively
👉 Swipe files to make responding no's and yeses quicker
👉 Prep yourself for the interview cheat-sheet
👉 Interview questions so you are prepped and don't forget anything
👉 Swipe emails to let the candidates know about your choice

Phase 3

Onboard your amazing VA  
like a PRO!

What you'll learn:

Lesson 1:  All you need to know before signing the contract you have all ready to go by the time you sign the contract. What to sign, who does what, when to do what, when is the right time frame to onboard and how to manage the training.

Lesson 2: How to hand over tasks and share details securly a way, that you don't overwhelm yourself nor the VA and you both feel comfortable with the process, speed and security of your privacy

Lesson 3: How to Maintain a beautiful relationship

... so you can maintain an amazing relationship with your VA by setting crucial boundaries from day 1. Determine how you can work together the best and where you are heading is aligned!

What you'll get to get this done faster:

👉 3 Lessons, broken down into small bites and step-by-step tutorials

👉 Pre-OnBoarding Checklist to have everything in place before hand
👉 Onboarding trello board to copy my task management system / method
👉 File and Task Management cheat-sheet for best practices before you start
👉 Boundaries Workbook to ensure a long-term online work relationship.

Join now and you'll get instant access to:

  • All 9 LESSONS  ($697)
  • ​Business Summary Checklist ($17)
  • ​Budgeting Sheet ($9)
  • ​Profiling Sheet ($27)
  • ​Fill in the Blank - Perfect Job Description Template  ($9)
  • ​Application Questioner Form ($47)
  • ​List of JobOpp Groups ($9)
  • ​My 3E Sorting Method ($17)
  • ​Copy-Paste Swipe Email Sheet ($0)
  • ​The Best Prep Interview cheat-sheet ($17)
  • ​Interview Questions Sheet ($7)
  • ​Swipe Messages about the decisions ($0)
  • ​Pre-OnBoarding Checklist ($17)
  • ​VA-Onboarding trello board to copy ($49)
  • ​File and Task Management cheat-sheet ($19)
  • ​Best Practice for Boundaries Workbook ($39)

Total Value = $980

Today's beta Price = Only $37

But wait - there's more!


*Special Bonus*

3 Months Group Support + Access to the community ($174)

👉 Weekly Live Q&As in the community where you can ask your burning questions from me and other members

👉 Collaborate and grow together with other members

👉 Discounted rate to the VA-MatchMaking services if you decide this is still too much

👉 Discounted 1:1 call rate if you need additional help from me in a more private setting.

Total Value Including Bonuses = $1385

Today's Price = Only $37

What Clients Say


Q: : I am new to hiring and outsourcing. Never hired or managed a VA before. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, The Ultimate Hiring Process in a Box is built in a way that you will have a great understanding and step by step processes, copy paste swipe files, workbooks, forms to copy, questioners and a roadmap to follow, to make sure you can easily and effortlessly recreate what I do and find an amazing person to work with at the end.

Q: I've got burned in the past by hiring the wrong person. They disappeared, haven't delivered, was a constant struggle and I'm still a little hesitant, but I know I'll need someone soon to help me in my business, so I can grow exponentially... Will I still find value?

A: Yes,  The Ultimate Hiring Process in a Box is created in a way that we reflect on our needs and wants.

If you already went through the process of hiring you might know the steps of the hiring process, but I'd recommend paying more attention to the workbook and the test which we include into the process to make sure we find the right person.

Not just looking for the skills, but also the values and personality treats which makes or breaks the relationship when it comes to the daily operation.

Q: Can I wait and join later?

A: Sure, you can, but the beta-price with all the extra discounts and personalised help I include to make the program amazing and ready is only available while the beta-program runs

Q: How much support is included?

A: The Ultimate Hiring Process in a Box comes with 3 months weekly live Q&As in the facebook community. Discounted rate to 1:1 Sessions if you would need further help with filtering through your VAs or making those final decisions.

Q: Does this only work for hiring a virtual assistant?

A: No, the process can be used for other freelancers too. Social Media Managers, web developers, designers, anyone you would like to find, hire and manage online

Q: I am not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

A: Not a problem at all, you will have training videos, short how-to videos available to each bit on the way, but the process is not "tech heavy" at all.

Q: When will I get access?

A: : After you sign up you get access to the training and the resources straight away! Make sure you join the community to get the most out of the program and get access to the support calls.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: No, but if you go through the training, do everything as it is and you still not happy with the process I   dedicate 2 calls to help you make it work and hire your amazing VA.

One call where we reflect on what you are looking for and prep you hiring and another one after the interviews to make sure you have the right person.

Sounds fair?

look forward seeing you inside!

Today's Price = Only $37

The Ultimate Hiring Process by agnes bogardi | the VA MatchMaker


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